from by Mesita



here's my number
i can't wait to meet
could you finally be someone who's worth seeing
though a hard thing to believe with all my history has proven
but all our conversation makes me hope you could be different
oh my god
you're beautiful
have i found myself the one that i've been needing
with the moonlight on your tattoos dancing round so fascinating
and the shaping of your shoulderblades is so intoxicating
yeah you're making me high on you
and i can't wait to connect to your spirit

you're so creative
you're so unique
and to think that i'm the one that you're in love with
(i'm yours)
but a change in the look on your face
suggests you might be feeling different
tell me if there something more that i can give to help improve it
you're starting to

become distant
aren't i the same one that you said you fell in love with
and the gifts i give you all seem to go unreciprocated
(but i count my blessings)
cause the days of feeling alone and miserable i'm fucking through it
so i put on my smile for you
but i can't seem to connect to your spirit

(what am i worth to you)

the liberties you take, you're treating me like shit
are you seeing me just cuz i am convenient
and that loud little way you cackle has become a bit too grating
and i'm sick of feigning interest in every dull word you're saying
i'm not gonna let you know but i've been thinking about leaving
but if you ever dumped me oh my god i'd be so devastated
oh i am so through with you
but i can't seem to disconnect from your spirit


from Mall Music EP, track released January 30, 2017



all rights reserved