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new york city is a amazing place
that's rapidly changing
i feel ashamed to live in bed stuy
and kind of be part of the gentrification problem
but i try to say hi to all my neighbors and we get along
our groundskeeper guy is really cool
he's an army vet
he got kicked out of a spa for smoking marijuana in it
and i'm like dude you're the best
shout out tj

manhattan's been kind of crazy
i kind of don't enjoy it anymore
so i feel like a real new yorker
complaining about the changes
i hate when i'm walking down the sidewalk
and they're walking five in a row five wide
and walking really slowly it's like dude
it's treat it like a traffic
paradestrians (?) can really suck my ass
new york pedestrians suck my ass
suck my fucking ass
but not literally just move over a little bit so i can get by
but then they don't

i used to go to the lower east side
that was my favorite
but now all the places that i loved are gone
and now i'm kind of pissed off
what happened to sunshine cinema
what happened to local 138
i was in there the night the bartender learned
that her job was gonna get messed up
because they were gonna try and sell the bar
it was this drunk guy that walked in from a show
and i was sitting alone at the bar because i'm a lonely asshole
and he was rambling drunk which i know nothing about
and he started saying things about
how the owner was gonna sell the bar
and she's like i hadn't heard about that before
and he's like oh shit
and everybody was silent around like dammit

car horns car horns
wolfy says he loves you all
wolfy's my stuffed animal
the day my mom found the chemo wasn't gon-
oh that's gonna be depressing, i'm sorry
the day my mom found out the chemo wasn't gonna work
she just kinda went upstairs and cried
and i didn't know what to do
so i brought her wolfy and i said "hey wolfy loves you!"
and i brought it to her
and she smiled
i think it lit her day up
that's all i tried to do

my sister andrea was the nurse
she was the best
i love you andrea and heather as well
but heather had a kid, they both pulled their fair share
and we somehow got thru it together
even though there's a gaping hole that will never leave
but i guess that's what's called life

wow that's deep


from You Are Beautiful, released September 30, 2019


all rights reserved



Mesita Brooklyn, New York

Mesita is James Cooley, music from Colorado. Since 2008

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